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modern dog behaviourist in Leeds - Cookridge Canine Care
Canine Behaviour Specialist

From puppies through to adult dogs, I can help you resolve all types of canine behavioural problems. 

Behaviour Consultations and Prices
Liz Golborne, qualified dog behaviourist in Leeds - helping you achieve a well-balanced dog

My work is based on a positive, balanced and personalised approach which focuses on your dog's breed characteristics, history and home environment.

Working directly with you and your dog, I will give you the specific tools you need to help overcome your dog's behavioural issues. Benefitting from my experience will enable you to enjoy a positive relationship with your well-balanced family pet.

Get in touch with me to chat about your pet's behaviour and to book a home visit. 

Unsure about whether I can help?

Look forward to reading about your pet. I'll be in touch soon!

Initial consultation

Allow up to two hours,  longer if necessary. 

Includes additional support via email, text or phone.

Follow up sessions

These sessions will last approximately an hour.

Includes additional support via email, text or phone.

One to one walking/training sessions

These sessions are for dogs who are nervous and/or reactive on walks and will only be available to clients who have undertaken an initial assessment and where the sessions are considered likely to benefit the dog.







Bringing home a new puppy/dog?

Learn how to create a positive environment that will reduce the chances of unwittingly creating common problem behaviours in your new pet, such as separation anxiety and resource guarding.


Canine Cafe Etiquette 

Take your dog into an eating establishment with confidence.  Click here to find out more.


Travel expenses may be charged depending on distance/duration of journey but will be agreed beforehand.

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