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K Roberts

We have been using Liz's services at Cookridge Canine Care since Winnie, our three year old German short haired pointer has been a puppy. Liz, and her lovely black labrador Bessie, have been an invaluable help to us providing excellent care and support.  thoroughly enjoys her visits to CCC where we know she will be exercised, well cared for, happy and safe. Liz has helped and advised us on several behavioural issues that Winnie has exhibited as she has been growing up. These include, over boisterous play with other dogs, jumping up at people, joggers and bikes etc, raiding bins, unnecessary barking, pulling on the lead and general over excitement. With Liz's patience and understanding (towards both myself and Winnie) we have overcome these issues and Winnie is maturing into an adorable family dog.

R Farley

My heartfelt thanks go to Liz for her services as a Dog Behaviourist and I highly recommend her knowledge and skills to anyone seeking out help to overcome any behavioural issues. Flo and Skye, my two adorable, now 'very well behaved English Springers' put me through a living hell when my youngest became a year old. I almost gave Skye up because life got so out of control. I spoke with the breeders and various 'so called experts' who apparently had all the answers but the problems just worsened. When in steps Liz with her knowledge and skills. 

Working with a very different approach to everything I had previously been told and and advised, Liz worked with my dogs, myself and my environment, to turn around our situation. It has been a remarkable turnaround and our dogs are happy healthy and remain together in our family unit.

Thank you Liz and Bessie

J Rostron

Ruby loves going to stop with Liz. It really is like another home for her. I can relax knowing that she is well looked after and is getting lots of cuddles.

R Lawther

Liz has given us some invaluable behavioural advice for our Parson Russell, Roo. She is much calmer when we leave her, pulls much less on walks and listens to our commands. She's even learning new tricks. I think Liz's work is as much about understanding the owner as it is about the dog and she does it well.

B Hopkins

Me and my partner recently adopted a rescue dog who had never been off lead and had separation anxiety issues. Liz has been absolutely amazing and having only had our pooch for just over two weeks, he is off lead and enjoying lots of freedom and adventures! Liz has worked wonders and has the patience of a saint, thank you so so much!!


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